Prosound USB2.0 HQ Podcast/Vocal Microphone Unboxing..

Prosound USB2.0 HQ Podcast/Vocal Microphone Unboxing..

Watch in fullscreen and HD...... So i have bought a new microphone,yes i pushed the boat out and spent some cash,now i was going to wait till next week,but being impatient like i am some times i could not wait,so popped on down to Yeovil in Somerset and popped into Maplins,now normally i would not shop from there as they are way to expensive,but this i thought was not to bad. Now i have tested it and its rather nice,but that will be a latter video. Now it works out of the box in Ubuntu,mint and some other distros,and even managed to get it to work in puppy too,so all is well and good so seems like good value......nice
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